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'BOOTLEGS' Sticker Pack

£8.00 / On Sale

You will receive...
x1 'Top Cat Hates Mondays'
x1 'O.G. Waylon'
x1 'Childhood Obesity'
x1 'Bootleg Snoopy'
x1 'Versace Rick' (HOLOGRAPHIC)

-Packaged with 1/4 randomly chosen neon coloured punk zine style header card.
-Extremely high quality, large die cut glossy coated weatherproof vinyl stickers.

The 'BOOTLEGS' pack is a collection of fun subversive mashups, a tribute to all those knock off toys from our childhood that lets just say were 'a little off' but we were all too young to appreciate. Grab a pack and take a trip down memory lane to those mornings parked in front of the TV on a Saturday morning with a big ass bowl of cereal and not a care in the world.

Shipped flat via Royal Mail First Class post in a strong card backed envelope.